Evaluation of Architectural Backbone Technologies for WINNER DataLab

A Project Focused Point of View

The WINNER DataLab aims to collect, evaluate and forecast load data used to optimise the first-hand consumption of locally generated energy within buildings, by rentee as well as electric vehicles. Every actor within a residential area has to be considered, and integration into a centralised data stream process is necessary. As a non-hard real-time system, the WINNER DataLab has to solve enterprise application integration problems, looking at complex event processing and knowledge discovery in data. This paper targets to analysis possible architectural backbone technologies. Out of a wide range of potential technologies Node-Red, WSO2 CEP and Apache Camel are selected and compared. Those technologies with a diverse field of application are used to implement a comparable test setup. Furthermore, they are analysed through their characteristics of processing, execution, usability and simplicity. As measured, Node-RED, Apache Camel and WSO2 indicate stable and fast message processing, especially in the case of raising message throughput. Node-RED surprises with constantly memory and CPU loads and seams to be exciting option in rapid prototyping.